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May 8, 2019

wow-Cakes is excited to share that soon will be opening a location in L'ile Perrot, QC!!! Stay tune for our grand opening.


May 13, 2019

We are getting closer to our grand opening date! We are working hard to have a welcoming place for our customers. Bare with us, soon we will provide you with our opening date and will continue to keep you updated with our progress! 

wow-Cakes Opening day!

June 5th

It's been quite a journey! All our hard work has been rewarded with this opportunity to be able to own a place of our own! We are so excited and thrilled to begin this new chapter in our professional life. We invite you to come visit us at our opening day, see what we have to offer and enjoy tasting our creations! Will be opened on June 9th,2019 from 4pm to 8pm. Hope to see you there!!! 

Opening Day

June 11th

Butterflies in our bellies and excitement was our initial feeling before opening our doors. A lot of time and hard work went into the preparations for this day and for the following start up of our daily opening hours. Everyone who came out made us feel proud of what we had created! Our sincere thank you's for all those that showed up, we hope to see you again very soon.